Local Asset Management

Our Asset Management Team has, in fact, one common goal: to realise, maintain and improve the return on investment of our clients' property portfolios. By providing expert strategic advice on the management of our clients' portfolios, including advice on purchase and sale of property, PME can realise the goals set by our clients on a basis of confidentiality and exclusivity.

Policy and strategy

Our management policy is fully in line with the goals set by the investor(s) or the fund(s). We make use of local know-how in order to achieve these goals. Important guidelines in this respect are past experiences and figures, and future analyses.

Fiscal and financial affairs at portfolio level

Fiscal and financial aspects, relevant for the realisation of an optimal result, are professionally evaluated. Herewith one can achieve a correct, accountable reporting.

Aquisition and disposition

With many years of experience and expertise in the field, we can support the client in, or can completely take care of the client’s property acquisition or disposition activities. Because of our network, enabling us to have direct access to the market, we can also arrange to have these activities carried out by reputable third parties, and thus ensuring an optimal service for our clients.

Market orientation

Market orientation is a collation of experiences from the past combined with expectations for the future. This is fully incorporated in the policy and goals set by the investor or fund, and should fit within the respective line of business. At macro-level this means that initially various market related aspects are analysed in order to chart new concrete market opportunities at micro- level afterwards.

Management companies and funds

we provide the client with correct reporting and services, connected to the structure as set by the client.
In mutual agreement it is decided if these services are executed by us, or by third parties, and to be co-ordinated by us, in order to achieve a correct processing and reporting.

Legalities at portfolio-level

Legal aspects are essential for a number of items in property management, such as the structure of a fund, the projects, but also the underlying contracts. Together with external specialists, we co-ordinate and clarifie these aspects in order to achieve a correct recording.