Investment Services

PME has over 25 years of experience in the field of national and international property transactions for both buying as selling parties. PME is specialised in commercial properties, such as office buildings, shopping centres, logistic and multi-purpose business space, and hotels.
This concerns both individual objects as well as partial or entire portfolios for or from property investors. Naturally we also collaborate with developers who wish to sell their objects for the optimal price.

The purchase and sale of property is a complex process which needs to be interpreted and executed with the utmost care.

Our strength is our independent service during the whole process: from the mere initial orientation phase, up to the finalisation of the negotiations. During this process the following disciplines are to be taken into account:


Determination of property type
After the client has made a profile of a property investment (location, rental values and yield requirements), PME will find the right project.

Financial basis of the property
By using our expertise of the property market, we will financially substantiate the property to be acquired and if desired, execute an exit strategy.


Management of due diligence procedures on behalf of the client 
-The legal due diligence contains the legal guidance and advice in which the client’s commercial interest is essential. Commercial chances and risks are balanced against legal risks.
In close collaboration with established international law firms, PME will execute contract negotiations on price, legal status of an object, delivery date, purchase conditions, guarantees, indemnities and liability arrangements.
Being pragmatic and creative advisors, PME are able to list any legal risks and reduce them to acceptable proportions.
-The technical due diligence contains technical guidance and advice. PME Group supervise established external advisors, who evaluate the quality of the property to be purchased. In this regard, points of attention are the architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical conditions of a building, its functionality, its possibilities for partitioning, and the assessment of the building in compliance with legal safety and environmental requirements.
-The commercial due diligence contains commercial guidance and advice.
This is merely aimed at determining the correctness of the selling price by means of evaluation of the valuation report, produced by an established assessor.
-The fiscal due diligence deals with optimization of the fiscal structure of the transaction itself, of its form of financing and of its structure in relation to turnover and transfer tax. 


Property Management
After successful finalisation of a purchase, PME Group offers their clients the possibility to have the property managed by their subsidiary: PME Project Management B.V.
PME Project Management B.V. will manage your property with your best interest in mind, aimed at maintaining and improving your property’s future value.